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Customized Athletic & Basketball Clothing

Wearing the appropriate apparel when doing athletics or any type of physical activity is of utmost significance these days as it not only boosts self-confidence of the players but also keeps them focused during the sporting events. At Soft Edges, we offer a wide range of high quality athletic wear that is more comfortable and suitable for physical activities.

Our cool customized Athletic Clothing range comes in a vast range of styles and is hugely popular with people of all ages. One strong reason to buy Soft Edges Athletic wear is that you can personalise your sportswear using individual names and numbers, logo, slogan, or team name. Whatever you’re looking for, our in-house designers help you design and visualise your very own athletic wear. At Soft Edges, we make sure to extensively test our fabrics, manufacture athletic clothing of outstanding quality, and offer you sports apparels with complete comfort, style for outstanding performance. For more information on our stunning range of personalised athletic clothing range

Customize and Order Basketball Singlets

 Sports Uniforms Australia is a leading source for designing your own basketball apparel. The online retail store offers a wide range of options to select from such as specialized custom made basketball jerseys, wholesale specialized basketball singlet Australia, and limited-edition basketball singlets. You can order high quality customised sportswear, uniforms and singlets for leagues and local teams from Sports Uniforms Australia.

The company prides itself on featuring superior quality sports uniforms at reasonable prices, and making it incredibly easy for anyone to design his own basketball singlet Australia, and for coaches to design their team’s uniform and team gear easily and in virtually no time. The best thing about the Soft Edges is that it sells basketball uniforms and singlets as well as supporter t-shirts for both the guys and girls. The sportswear offered at Sports Uniforms Australia includes:

  • Basketball Jerseys
  • Bodysuits
  • Soccer Jerseys
  • Team Jerseys
  • Singlets
  • T-Shirts
  • Polo tops
  • Baseball Jerseys
  • Swimwear
  • Hoodies and Jackets
  • Tops, socks and accessories

Conventionally, basketball uniforms were only meant to visually distinguish between competing teams and identify players on the court. But now this perception has been changed and today uniforms are believed to do more than helping in creating an identity for a team. A proper, well-designed uniform is believed to develop a sense of pride, unity and team spirit among players and the team supporters. Sports uniforms do not only vary in their colors, names and logos, but also with regard to their design, cut, fabric, and the specific purpose that they are designed to fulfil.

There is a vast variety of basketball singlets, jerseys and uniforms available both in the local stores across the country and on many online retail stores. If you have plans to buy a basketball singlet then Sports Uniforms Australia is the best sports store that have the largest selection of custom basketball outfits to choose from. There are sports apparel for everyone be it men, ladies or children, ranging from simple mesh uniforms to moisture-wicking, reversible jerseys, shirts, and shorts that come in multiple colours and sizes. If you like most other coaches prefer to design your own team uniforms with your team name, label, logo or mascot, colour, neck style and numbers on the jerseys, then a set of custom printed Sports Uniforms Australia basketball singlets makes a great choice for you to create a unique identity for your team. Using our online custom uniform builder, you can instantly create your own customised basketball team jersey by uploading your logos, graphics and choosing your team colours and entering individual player names and numbers as well as the league, group or company names and then watch your desired basketball uniform come to life online or share the jersey’s design with the team members.

However, there are a few important considerations that need to be taken into account when customising your basketball sports clothing. The most important thing is to check with the fabric of the uniform. As this sport requires a lot of physical movements which means intense sweating, therefore its uniform should be made of soft and lightweight material that is flexible and can absorb sweat and help in proper air flow. There are high quality fabrics available on the market that come with moisture-management properties. These breathable fabrics help regulates the body temperature levels, and thus are the number one choice of coaches and players alike.

Fitting is another essential aspect of basketball singlet Australia. A well-fitted uniform not only looks great but also enables free movement of the player, which in return enhances the performance of the player. A right size of uniform made with soft fabric does not restrict the body movements and players feel comfortable at the court. Design of a basketball uniform is also very important. If you want your players look like professionals then they must be uniformly clothed when entering the game. Basketball uniform can be created with various comfortable neck designs like v-neck and scoop neck, as well as various shoulder designs that ensure the comfort of team players. As far as color is concerned, a large variety of colors are available for basketball sportswears at Soft Edges. You can choose what suits your requirement, or compliment your team's theme, name or style.

Price may be the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying or designing jerseys for your basketball team. There are several different types of uniforms and their qualities available and each has a different price tag. You may get basketball uniforms of your choice from your nearby sports outlet but you might not end up getting it at your budget. So, the best option is to check out a trusted online basketball singlet Australia retailer like Sports Uniforms Australia, so you can get superior quality basketball singlets and sports apparel at a reasonable cost. What’s more, if you buy basketball uniforms in bulk for the team or league then you can get heavy discount. So what are you waiting for? Design a basketball singlet Australia for your team now or order from Sports Uniforms Australia.