Do you make our uniforms to order?

Yes, all uniforms are made to order to your requirements at our factory in Nerang Queensland. This means that not only are you receiving custom made swimwear and sportswear that looks great, you are also supporting Australian made.

What if I need help with the planning or design?

Production of a quality product begins with good planning; a great garment starts with the correct design, style and pattern. Be it a new style, or an existing one, we can alter specifications to suit your needs. Soft Edges/Nova Swimwear has in-house graphic designers and pattern makers for creating a total “look” and offer expert advice.

How do we know what sizes to order?

Sizing of your players gear won’t be an issue – it can be covered in a number of ways. We have sizing charts for most styles, and we will send sizing samples of garments for your players to try on. This allows the player to choose the feel and fit of what they are ordering, and also helps with your choice of fabric and allows you to see the quality of our workmanship.

Can we get size adjustments?

Yes, we are not all a regular size, let alone a 10 or 12 – we can make tops, dresses, bodysuits or skirts longer or shorter, and adjust patterns to suit your individual needs.

What is the size range?

Our standard size range is -

Children’s sizes 6 to 14, in boy’s and girl’s sizing

Women’s sizes 8 to 16

Men’s sizes 14 to 22


Adult sizes above the standard size range are available in almost all styles, they are:

Women’s sizes 18 to 26,

Men’s sizes 24 to 28 

If you have special requirements, you are welcome to send through measurements, and we can make to suit your size needs. Some styles of swimwear are also available in infant and toddlers sizing. 

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum is only 15 garments of any one style - this can be of varying size range. This is an advantage for smaller clubs or schools, as you don’t have money tied up in large stock orders.

We keep all your details so in future, when you may only need 15 sets of uniforms after getting a large order previously, we can help you out.

What is sublimation printing?

Dye Sublimation printing is, without doubt, the most exciting and unlimited way to embellish a garment.

It offers superior graphic reproduction and allows you to print photo lab quality images or designs on your uniforms. The printing on your apparel will be durable, lightweight, and it will not peel, crack or fade.

All the artwork is developed with a graphics programme such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and added to the garment pattern shapes in that programme. This is then sent to ripping software to be printed out on wide format digital printers. The art on printed paper is then transferred to the fabric using a heat press.


Are there other printing options?

As well as full or partial dye sublimation printing, we also offer screen printing, printed transfers, or embroidery, which helps to build a strong image and create a sense of pride in your students or team members, and brings value to your sponsor’s contribution.

How will I know what the uniform will look like?

Our graphic/ print team will work with you to take your idea and transform it into a quality individual uniform with style, function and fit. We will email you a mock up drawing of your uniform for approval.

What is the normal delivery time?

Once an order is placed we will confirm all details in writing. From the time you sign off on the order, it will be 4 to 6 weeks to delivery for standard orders, though sublimation orders may take 4 to 8 weeks depending on printing time. We will send you a confirmation letter for approval - this requires your signature (to be faxed back to us) along with the deposit.

The price is not shown on the garments I am looking at- how do I find out how the costs?

Our sales team will talk you personally regarding price and options to suit you needs. Costs will depend on your choice of styles, fabrics, printing and designs. There are discounts that apply for volume orders. We will provide you with a detailed quote showing price levels for adults / child sizing and including all the costs such as printing, freight, and gst, so your club or school committee know all the final cost for consideration.

Is there a discount for volume orders?

We discount for volume, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

What are the payment terms?

Payment is due before delivery. Before we start making your order a deposit of half the order value is required and the balance is payable before the order leaves our factory.

Schools are normally allowed a 7 day account.

Payments can be made by cheque, direct deposit to our bank account, or by credit card.

Is there a freight charge?

Freight is charged and included in your order confirmation – it is calculated according to the type of shipping needed to get your goods to you on time, the volume of your order, and the distance it has to travel.

Do I pay extra for artwork or graphics?

When you have logos and other artwork to be added to your garments it may be necessary for us to see them before we can quote. As a guide there is usually a set-up charge of $55.00.

If you are unsure of what art work you would like on your garment, our experienced in-house graphic designer can work with you to create something unique

Logos and other artwork must be supplied with the order, and a set-up fee of $55.00 is charged for all jobs which require us to do any follow up work to improve or adjust artwork to prepare it for printing. It would be best if you can send all artwork as “camera ready”, in one of the file types: ai, eps, psd, or cdr file.

Hi Resolution J-peg and pdf. types of files are also accepted but may be subject to additional artwork fees, which are charged at $55.00 per hour.

We can also create great graphics for you, and we charge only $55.00 per hour.

For uniform orders that are dye sublimation printed there is a set-up fee, which varies depending on printing quantities.

Is GST added to the prices?

All our quotes are GST inclusive     

Is our delivery time guaranteed?

Yes, your delivery time is locked in when you confirm your order – so if you have a special event coming up, or other deadline, you can be assured your swimwear or sportswear will be ready on time.

No matter how small or big the order is, all our customers get equal priority.

How do I place an order?

If you would like to make an enquiry by email, you can go to the “Contact Us” page on this website make your enquiry here , fill in the form and add any questions to the message box, and press submit.

You can also email to or call our freecall number 1800 858 008 during business hours

Our friendly sales staff will then talk to you about your requirements and provide you with an electronic order form to complete, which you can email back as an attachment, or print and fax to us on 07 55964772.

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