Fabric Colour Chart

Chloroban Team Swimwear Colours 

We stock the following chloroban colours:

  Black   Maroon   Fire Red
  Navy   Purple   Dark Red
  Atlantic   Mystique   Orange *Fluro
  Royal   White   Gold
  Waterfall   Mocha   Buttercup
  Marine   Lime *Fluro    Citrus *Fluro Yellow
  Sky   Bottle    Pink *Fluro
   Aqua   Jade    
 Please note that Fluro colours won't show 100% on computer screens. So most have been left out, however they are the fluro equivalent of the normal colour. Also these colours are not exact matches for the fabric colour, and should be used as a guide only.

Please contact us if you require any fabric colour swatches to match your club or school colours.

Lycra colours

A list of our lycra colours are available upon request, so please contact us or call (07) 5596 2856 for further details.  

There are no products listed under this category.