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Published by Shokhi on Sep 17, 2018

The Right Gear for Cycling

Cycling is a fun activity that is also taken very seriously as a sport. Growing up cycling may have been a part of your life. Whether you're cycling for fun or practicing for a race, a proper cycling gear is a must. Normally people have a perception that a good bicycle and helmet are the only basic essentials for cycling, but how wrong they are! Having the right sportswear is important too. Without it, professional cycling and even cycling for fun can be potentially dangerous.

The sportswear you need:

Cycling Bottoms – For cycling, the best in regards to comfort are cycling shorts. They are the perfect fit for cyclists. Many cyclists also use padded shorts for extra protection and comfort.

Cycling Tops – The best part about cycling is that it does not have any particular top as a requirement unless you’re doing it professionally. You can opt for your everyday regular jerseys or tops according to your comfort. There are cycling jerseys available with good quality brands like Team Sportswear.

The main gear for cycling

Keeping a water bottle handy is a must when out for cycling. Also, your main gear should also have sunscreen and some snacks. Keep your medical info with you in case of emergencies and always have some sort of eye gear on. There are some things for bike repair that you might have to keep with yourself. They include spare tubes or patch kits, a cycling multitool box and tire levers. These are some basic things that are requirements when it comes to cycling.

Cycling may seem like an easy sport, but the fact that you may be cycling alone in many places makes it a little dangerous if you’re not prepared. Always inspect your cycle before starting. Check your tire pressures and brakes first then go through your bolt tightness, reflectors, sears, and handlebars.

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