Guide To Sportswear For A Game Of Table Tennis

Published by Shokhi on Oct 12, 2018

A Guide To Sportswear For A Game Of Table Tennis

Table tennis is a popular game that is very fun to watch and play. It can be played by two or four people in both professional and in casual games. The sport is known for its thrilling and fast-paced games. Table Tennis needs a lot of focus and precision, and you can show off your skills with smashes and topspins.

What you should wear

Sports clothing meant for table tennis is generally focused on mobility and breathability. The player needs the freedom to make lightning-fast reactions. Table tennis is also played indoors, and it can often get hot. If the player is too sweaty, it will compromise grip on the bat and their comfort as well. Other things to keep in mind are:

1.Shirt: Professional table tennis players are allowed only short sleeved shirt and sometimes, sleeveless too. But casual players can wear what they like. Most will wear basketball singlets and simple jerseys that allow them to move.

2.Shorts or skirts: table tennis players generally wear shorts (for both men and women) as well as skirts for women if they prefer it. Tracksuits and full-length pants are not allowed in professional games. But if you’re playing casually there are no rules—you can wear athletics shorts or tracksuits if you’re comfortable.

3.Sneakers: a good pair of sneakers is absolutely necessary for professional and casual games both. You need a good grip to move quickly. Playing in a pair of sandals or slippers will compromise your stance and movement.

The colors shouldn't be too bright, and they shouldn't be the same color as the ball, which is a deep orange. Whether you’re a professional or casual player, Team Sportswear is a great place to get high quality and customizable sports uniforms. They have a wide range of clothing for many different sports.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or a thrilling, stress-relieving game, table tennis is a great sport for you. Get fitted out, go and play as soon as you can!