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Published by Shokhi on Sep 17, 2018

Ultimate Guide for Sportswear for Hockey

Hockey may be a simple sport where two teams play against each other, but different types of Hockey make it a little more complicated. Hockey is a versatile game played on the field, Ice and sometimes on rollerblades. These different Games of Hockey like field hockey, Ice Hockey, Bandy Hockey are all played in different types of arenas and have quite different rules. They require their own sportswear and gear.

Guide to dressing for the sport

So how can you dress best for this versatile sport? Finding good quality and inexpensive brands are often difficult. However, we have some tried and tested brands like Team Sportswear in our radar for good quality sportswear for almost all sports.

1.Hockey Tops – When it comes to tops in hockey most of the sports player wear Hockey Jerseys. Usually full in sleeve length, for a long time they were called sweaters, but people have adapted to calling them jerseys over time.

2.Hockey Bottoms – For ice hockey or roller hockey, players usually wear knee length shorts. The pants work as protective gear from waist to knees and are generally padded.

3.Hockey Accessories and gears – All the hockey will require the basic equipment's like shin pad and such but only ice hockey or bandy hockey needs helmets. Apart from that, you have shoulder pads, elbow pads and gloves to keep up the protection.

This basic guide will help you to understand what undergoes in the world of sportswear for Hockey. If you are looking for good equipment and clothing, we recommend opting Team Sportswear for guaranteed quality at a reasonable price. We have a wide variety of sportswear for every sport. We ensure our athletes are satisfied as well as performing well on the field.