Maintain Your Body To Fit Perfectly into your Sports Uniform

Published by Shokhi on 15th Nov 2018

Maintain Your Body To Fit Perfectly into your Sports Uniform

The most important thing when it comes to being active is eating well. Workout nutrition is an essential detail that needs to be regulated. What you eat before, during and after your games is what puts you in the right shape for the correct sports clothing. Having a healthy and well considerate meal a couple of hours before training is something essential. Another healthy meal after exercising and training and you can achieve your nutrition and goals without the help of anything else. As much as the sports clothing is necessary, it is important that the athletes stay fit and healthy as well. Ensuring that you are eating and working out according to your body type and that your portion sizes are correct. For a sportsperson, there are more extended training hours. There are bigger dietary plans according to their goals and the need for proper training, and sports singlets, is a must. With sportswear like Team Sportswear and a solid mindset you can achieve them.

How training and nutrition go hand in hand

Endurance athlete – For endurance athletes, high-level training and a proper log in a lot of high-intensity miles every week is very necessary. You require a good carbohydrate and calorie intake to keep it in balance. Add protein plus a carbohydrate drink to ace the game in your athletic singlets.

Bodybuilder – If you are training as a bodybuilder then you lift weights and have serious muscle development and growth in mind. Taking the right supplements that give you energy and your muscles a boost are a must.

Fitness competitions – For fitness competition, it's evident that your carb intake should be less since you are aiming for a single digit body fat percentage. You must clock in higher exercise hours, and you will significantly benefit from performance enhancing and muscle preserving amino acids. This is also known as EAA.

The big question and confusion for people training in sports or athletes is what to eat and when around their training and workout sessions. The people most to benefit from specific nutrition and training strategies are athletes themselves. That's why we need to cover pre-training, during training and post-training or workout diets.

Pre-training nutrient needs – To make a big difference to your recovery and performance as an athlete what you eat before your workout or training session is essential. A couple of hours before your training it's reasonable to eat something that will sustain you throughout the session. It should boost performance, keep you hydrated and preserve muscle mass along with getting you ready to perform. For this, you can eat protein which will help you increase muscle size. This will also reduce the muscle damage or at least prevent it from getting worse. The lesser damage to your muscle the faster you recover and concentrate on building performance. You should also eat carbs since it fuels you and also helps in recovery. Carbs will enhance your short-term high-intensity training so unless you are going on a walk some carbs will be good for you. It will let your brain know that you're well fed and prevent protein breakdown. Fats before exercise and training are useful to maintain and keep your insulin level straight. They also provide some vitamins and minerals which are essential in everyone's diet. That's why you also need the right sports clothing to make sure your performance is top-notch.

During training nutrition – When it comes to eating during training the most important thing to remember is staying hydrated. It doesn't matter whether you eat or not because your goals should be similar to the pre-training nutrition. Nutrition during training will help you stay hydrated, provide quick and immediate energy and also help with performance boosting. Eating protein will lead to better adaptions to training in the long term. It's especially required if you've stayed hungry for more than three hours before the training session. You can take out your sports uniform and train hard, but without the right nutrition, it's almost impossible to excel. Combine carbs for an immediate energy boost. But carbs during the workout are only beneficial to endurance athletes in the long run or for people wanting to gain muscle. This will help people in increasing their calorie count so that they are able to increase their muscle size, strength, and performance. Fats are difficult to digest, so it's best to avoid them during training hours. If you are playing in the heat and sweating a lot of sports, drinks are actually beneficial and may jump-start the recovery.

Post-training nutrition – Post training nutrition is essential for recovery, to rehydrate, refuel, build muscle and improve your future performances. Protein after training prevents breakdown and increases maintained muscle tissue. It's the best for recovery, adaptation, and performance. A fast and convenient way to include it in your meal is a great post workout protein shake. You can also make a quick high protein meal if it’s time for lunch or dinner by the time you’re done. Minimally processed whole food carbs should be your best friend. Along with some fruit you're actually got to go! It will lead to better performance the next day and even spike insulin to restore muscle and liver glycogen. People think that fats after a training session are not essential and in fact slow down digestion. But just like any other nutrient they are critical and need to be added to the post-training diet.

Opting for right quality sports clothing

It’s essential along with nutrition and trying to opt for good quality brands for your sporting needs like Team Sportswear. They have a separate line called team swimwear which is a great durable collection for swimmers. You’ll find all sports uniforms from netball uniforms and basketball uniforms to even custom-made sportswear. The aim is to improve performance and endurance.

For which the right sports clothing is equally important. They help you do precisely that!