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Published by Shokhi on Sep 19, 2018

Paddling Paddling All The Way

Paddling as a sport traditionally only includes kayaking and canoeing. It basically refers to the water sports by making the use of paddles. There's also a definite difference between paddling and rowing. However, paddling may also include stand up paddle boarding and rafting. All these sports require to be in top-notch paddling gear and have the right equipment at hand. A brand like Team Sportswear will provide you with your high-quality clothing needs when it comes to this sport.

Kayaking in the water

Kayaking has become the fastest growing water sport ever. The kayak is a small and narrow boat with seats for two that are inside the vessel. The kayaker’s legs slide inside the kayak. It’s done recreationally and as a sport generally as tourists’ kayaks, lake kayak or Whitewater kayaking.

Canoeing in the water

Canoeing is a paddle sport that is considered serene and loved my all communities who enjoy outdoor games. Canoes are sometimes combined with camping trips, hikes, fishing trips, and recreational lake tours. A single person can paddle these canoes, or even multiple people can do the same. There’s even canoe racing, a professional sport played in a lot of places.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

This sport has its origin in Hawaii and has been considered as a new sport, but that is not true. It also has its roots in surfing since it also needs paddles to get started. It's a fun activity but requires you to undergo some training before getting started.

Kayaking and Canoeing as well as Rafting is fun and gives an adrenaline rush. But it quickly becomes a dangerous sport if not executed correctly and that's why having the necessary training and skills is essential in the water. These sports also need the right sportswear, so head onto Team Sportswear now!