Sports Uniform Australia Polo - The sport of Kings

Published by Shokhi on Sep 27, 2018

Polo - The king of Sports

Polo in its modern form has its roots in India, Manipur. Propagated by the British military in the mid 19th century, it has become a favorite sport around the world now. The game is played not only by its players but also by their ponies and the vast number of spectators who enjoy watching it. It's played professionally too in over 16 countries and was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1936.

Introduction to Polo

The sport has become synonymous with equestrians and society and is always supported by sponsorships. It's known as the sport of Kings and has become a spectator sport that people enjoy a lot. The game played is by two teams with an objective of scoring goals. The ball used is a small hard ball with a wooden mallet. The teams have four mounted players, and the game lasts for over an hour or two divided into time periods called chukker.

What to wear while playing

The right clothing for the players is white trousers, white shirts, and white breeches. Anyone can spot a polo player from afar. They require breeches which are wide at the top but narrow towards the bottom. This is so that the trousers fit inside the boot. Ancient pictures of games played in Ireland and England too show men in breeches. So, it seems that over time styles and materials may have changed but the outfit has remained quite the same. The all white is a classic outfit for any equestrian sport.

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