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Published by Shokhi on Sep 19, 2018

Stop, Look, Shoot In Football

If you hear someone say the words ‘Stop, Look and Shoot' you'll immediately realize they're talking about football. A gloriously beloved game, football or soccer as known in some parts of the world, is one of the most popular sports in the world. One of the most streamed and watched sport as well, football is known to have a fashion of its own. You can find football jerseys, shin pads, and gloves among other gears in online stores like Team sportswear.

Skins and Gears

The sport is very straightforward and comfortable in the sense that it is played between two teams, each trying to score a goal while protecting their own. It's a sport that builds stamina, endurance, and teamwork. If played professionally, the game also needs a level of discipline and the athlete's ethics. After that, it's just hard work, training's and practices.

There are some basic things you might need to get started with a sport. We've listed them here, and we highly suggest you check out Team Sportswear for our sportswear quality and durability.

1.Football Jerseys– Football jerseys are the required sportswear when playing this sport. They usually have short sleeves or even long sleeves and have the number of the player on the back.

2.Football Shorts – These shorts are made of the same jersey material and end just above the knees. They are usually made with elastic waistbands with regards to comfort.

3.Socks – Socks or stockings are also mandatory in this game and are worn over shin pads for protection. They are usually long and end just below the knee.

4.Football Shoes – Football shoes have spikes in their soles are common amongst all football players, from street games to professional levels.

Football is a beautiful game with many fans around the world. The game has a lot of history around it as well and is considered as the most watched in the world. But on a smaller level, everyone enjoys the rush and thrill of playing football.