Sports Uniform Australia Water Polo Gear

Published by Shokhi on Oct 04, 2018

The Right Sportswear for Water Polo

Water polo is one of those sports that can be said to be easier discussed than played. Water polo requires a lot of upper body strength to perform well. Unfortunately, suit grabbing was always a common foul play done by most common members. However, Team sportswear is making water polo outfits that fit perfectly enough to prevent these foul plays. The sportswear ensures that you perform comfortably even in the cold water.

Water Polo swimwear for men

Men’s water polo swimwear comprises of jammers or thigh-high trunks that are tight-fitting, making sure that the swimwear stays firm. Since this sport requires moving around a lot, loose trunks can hinder the game. Thus, it is crucial to go for jammers or thigh-high trunks.

Water Polo swimwear for women

Female swimsuits are a one-piece suit that is perfectly fit and sports all the aforementioned features. Extra care and attention are put into making sure the zips are well placed. The choice of zips instead of straps helps to avoid any possible issue of grabbing.

Protective Gear

Water Polo is also a sport that could get you some injuries especially since the game can get very aggressive. Players often wear some form of protective gear to ensure safety from serious damage. Caps are one particular gear that protects the head from any injury either by the ball or the players. Caps also can be used to mark the identifying numbers of the different players. Red caps are given to keepers and all the caps will be marked with unique numbers. Mouthguards are also used by some players but this isn’t mandatory. Mouthguards are certainly a great protective gear since Water Polo is essentially a contact sport. Jaws colliding with the incoming ball could cause some serious irreversible damage so mouthguard is certainly advised.

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